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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the Duluth Seaway Port Authority office building?

The Duluth Seaway Port Authority is located at 802 Garfield Avenue, Duluth, MN 55802.

What are the principal cargos handled through the Duluth-Superior port?

Iron ore, coal, limestone and grain comprise the largest percentage of Duluth-Superior’s cargo mix, however, the port handles a diverse assortment of other bulk cargoes, plus breakbulk and heavy-lift cargo as well.

Does the Port of Duluth-Superior have cargo handling capabilities for heavy-lift or dimensional cargo?

Yes. Duluth-Superior is recognized as the Great Lakes’ heaviest-lift port. The Port Authority owns and maintains the assets of the Clure Public Marine Terminal, Duluth’s only general cargo terminal, and Lake Superior Warehousing operates the Clure Terminal assets as the Port Authority’s agent. This working partnership of the Port Authority and Lake Superior Warehousing, known as Duluth Cargo Connect, offers seamless cargo handling, storage, distribution and transportation logistics services for breakbulk, heavy-lift and other project cargoes moving in and out of North America’s heartland. For more information, visit the Duluth Cargo Connect website.

Does the Port of Duluth-Superior handle containers?

The CN Duluth Intermodal Terminal is a full-service, rail-served container hub located on the Clure Public Marine Terminal with connections to the East, West and Gulf coasts. The facility features a full roster of equipment and personnel for loading and unloading containers, as well as handling heavy-lift and project cargo. For more information, visit the Duluth Cargo Connect website. Regular maritime liner container service isn’t currently active on the Great Lakes.

Who can I contact for marine transportation to bring my cargo into the Port of Duluth-Superior?

The Port Authority can assist you in contacting one of the many companies that service the Great Lakes. Please feel free to contact Kate Ferguson, director of trade and business development, at

Does the Port Authority offer any incentives for my business start-up/expansion?

Yes. Depending on the business, you may qualify for unique financing packages, foreign trade zone eligibility and more. For additional information, please check out our Port Operations and Facilities page or contact Kate Ferguson, director of trade and business development, at

How far is the Port of Duluth-Superior from the Atlantic Ocean?

The distance between the Port of Duluth-Superior and the Atlantic Ocean is 2,342 miles (3,769 km); less than a week’s sailing time through the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System.

How deep is the water in the Port of Duluth-Superior?

The depth of the main channel is maintained at Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway draft of 27 feet (8.2 meters) to allow any vessel entering the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System access to the docks in Duluth-Superior. Depths at individual docks may vary. The Port Facilities Map provides links to companies for more information.

I am interested in viewing the Duluth-Superior harbor area from the water. Are there boat tours available?

Yes. The Vista Fleet offers public excursions with various amenities for people of all ages.

How can I find out more about cruises available from or to Duluth-Superior?

Overnight cruises and day-trip excursions may be available between the months of May and October. For information on day-trip excursions, please contact the Vista Fleet. For information on multiple-day cruises, please visit the Great Lakes Cruising website or contact Kate Ferguson, director of trade and business development, at

Is it possible to book passage on a cargo ship?

Rarely. Passengers are occasionally allowed on trans-Atlantic voyages made by salties, and rare opportunities exist for Great Lakes passage aboard a few lakers, though any such opportunities would be available only through the private shipping companies themselves. Another avenue is through attendance at the Lake Superior Marine Museum Association’s Gales of November program, which typically includes the opportunity to win a ride aboard a Great Lakes freighter.

Can I find out when ships will be coming into the Duluth-Superior Harbor?

Yes. Visit the Harbor Lookout website for a list of daily arrivals and departures or call the Boatwatchers’ hotline at 218.722.6489. You also can follow ship traffic across the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System online on the Marine Traffic website or mobile app.

Where can I find information about a TWIC card?

The Transportation Security Administration is processing applications ONLINE ONLY for TWIC cards on their website. Appointments must be made online to pick up those cards at the local office, currently located at 1705 Tower Ave., Ste. 101, Superior, WI 54880. For more information, call 855.347.8371.

Where can I buy used intermodal shipping containers?

The Port Authority does not offer intermodal shipping containers for sale, however, some regional companies do, including StorMor in Moose Lake, MN.