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Duluth Storage

Duluth Storage
250 Garfield Ave.
Duluth, MN 55802-2627

T: 218.727.7219 (Elevator B)
F: 218.727.8718  

Commodities: Grain

This remains the Twin Ports' most automated grain facility. Cargill had moved its historic grain export operations into what was, in 1978, a state-of-the-art facility on Duluth's waterfront. The next year, the company expanded its "Elevator B" with the addition of concrete silos. Efficiency and technology expedited grain handling, utilizing a rail horseshoe to accommodate 220 hopper cars. The company was acquired by Whitebox Advisors in 2008 and began operating as W.B. Duluth Storage, LLC. This facility was sold to Ceres Global Ag Corp. in 2010, along with 11 other grain-handling facilities now operating under the name Riverland Ag Corp., in North America.

Dock Length: 1,560 ft. (south receiving dock), 1,700 ft. (north pier)
Depth: 27 - 28 ft.
Capacity: 12.2 million bushels
Rail Service: CP
Truck Access: Private road from Garfield Ave.
Employees: 14

Jim Lehto, Facility Manager