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Graymont (WI), LLC - Graymont Superior Lime

Graymont (WI) LLC
Hill Ave. & Winter St.
Superior, WI 54880

T: 715.392.5146
F: 715.392.5148

Commodities: Limestone

This is the Graymont Superior lime production facility of Graymont (WI) LLC, formerly CLM Corp. Lime Plant/Cutler-Magner Co. Acquired by Graymont in 2007, the company had been producing lime since 1912. Raw product from Great Lakes quarries comes to the Graymont Superior plant for processing and distribution. Shown here is the main-trolley bridge crane that picks up limestone from anywhere within the storage area and transports it to conveyors feeding the rotary kilns. Lime products are used for paper production, power plant pollution control, municipal and industrial water and sewage treatment, industrial and residential water softening, road stabilization, steel production and ore processing. The plant serves customers in the upper Midwestern states and central Canada.

Dock Length: 1,250 ft.
Depth: 26 ft.
Capacity: Limestone - 500,000 short tons - storage over 10 acres Finished lime - 10,000 short tons - silo storage
Rail Service: BNSF
Truck Access: Private drive from Hill Ave.
Employees: 55Phil Marquis, Plant Manager