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Hallett Dock 8, Duluth

Hallett Dock Co.
P.O. Box 16447
Duluth, MN 55816-0447

Superior location: 3200 Winter Street

T: 800.637.4497
F: 218.628.2284

Commodities: Bulk Cargo

Dock No. 8 is referred to as an "incoming dock," dedicated to receiving a variety of bulk and liquid commodities by vessel or barge, unloading, stockpiling, storing and shipping to customers by truck or rail. This maritime facility has 18 acres of concrete surface which protects from cross contamination the variety of commodities handled including: salt, coal, liquid calcium chloride, slag, slag-roofing granules and limestone.

Dock Length: 2,300 ft. (670m)
Depth: 25 - 28 ft.
Capacity: Bulk Storage: 800,000 tons (725,750 metric tons)
Capacity: Liquid Storage: 2.1 million gallons (11,356,235 liters)
Rail Service: BNSF (reciprocal with CP, CN & UP)
Truck Access: Private drive from Winter St.
Employees: 22 (including Duluth facility)

Mike McCoshen, President/COO