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Hallett Dock 6, Duluth

Hallett Dock Co.
P.O. Box 16447
Duluth, MN 55816-0447

T: 800.637.4497
F: 218.628.2284

Commodities: Bulk Materials (coal, stone, misc.)

Dock No. 6 is no longer serves a maritime facility, but still serves the Port of Duluth-Superior as a transload facility, moving a variety of bulk commodities from rail to truck and truck to rail including: bentonite clay, calcium chloride, chrome ore, coal, mill scale, Class 5 & 6, urea, sinter feed, petroleum coke, slag, limestone, salt. Having a rail car unloading facility, extensive rail network, locomotive, and material handling system along with 40 acres of storage (much of which has a concrete surface) enables the company to receive unit trains and unload in an efficient, timely manner. Hallett has the flexibility to handle/segregate product in shipments of as few as two or as many as 100 rail cars. Segregation ensures the integrity of each commodity through the process of unloading, stockpiling and reloading for customer delivery.

Capacity: 600,000 tons on concrete surfaces; a like amount on large, adjacent unpaved area. Total property = 80 acres (708,200 square meters)
Rail Service: BNSF (reciprocal with CP, CN & UP)
Truck Access: 37th Ave. W. & Oneota

Mike McCoshen, President/COO