Port drives industrial development...
by land and by sea.

Now a multimodal transportation hub, the Port is a great engine for economic growth. And the Duluth Seaway Port Authority has taken a leadership role in driving regional development efforts. DSPA acquires, markets and manages properties that add jobs and value  to this region. Working collaboratively with economic development organizations and area chambers of commerce, the Port Authority is a catalyst in fostering commercial and industrial capacity.

As one of Duluth's largest owners/operators of industrial land and buildings, DSPA currently works with nearly 60 businesses operating on Port Authority properties - companies that provide nearly 1,000 full-time jobs at the Duluth Airpark and along the waterfront, including the Clure Public Marine Terminal.

To accommodate the needs of both prospective and current business owners and investors, the Port Authority continues to invest in infrastructure, develop new building sites, and retrofit existing facilities both on and off the waterfront - from small lots to 50+ acre parcels and over 550,000 square-feet of industrial space.

To satisfy the need for large-scale industrial development within the port district, the Port Authority board approved a purchase agreement with U. S. Steel Corporation in January 2010, to acquire the first 123 acres of that company's former Duluth Works site, located in the city's far western Morgan Park neighborhood. That parcel - part of one of the largest listed Superfund sites in Minnesota - will serve as a catalyst to the delisting, redevelopment and revitalization of the rest of the property. It is the Port Authority's intention to redevelop this brownfield site into 50-acre or larger parcels suitable for large-scale development.

Foreign Trade Zone Incentives

Being located on an international Seaway affords Foreign Trade Zone opportunities that can impact business on a global scale. A designated FTZ #51 at the Clure Public Marine Terminal can provide incentives for both domestic and international shippers. Manufacturing sites located anywhere in the state can apply for FTZ subzone status.

For more information, contact our Director of Business Development.  View the FTZ #51 Zone Schedule of charges, rates and rules. Click here to view a list of available properties.                                    

For more information on area real estate listings, workforce demographics, infrastructure and other business resources, visit Northland Connection.